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Another World Is Possible: Grace, Mercy, and Restorative Justice

The Arch 3601 Locust Walk Rm 208, Philadelphia

This event revolves around a better vision for justice than our current system of capital punishment and mass incarceration. Shane will frame this event theologically and socially, and it will feature a panel of respondents who have been directly impacted by the death penalty and the criminal justice system (including a wrongfully-convicted death row exoneree, […]

Call the House Judiciary Committee!


The House Judiciary Committee votes Tuesday 9:30 AM on a bill to end the death penalty in Pennsylvania. I'm coming to you with another ask from your friends here in the Keystone State. We need Pennsylvanians only to help FLOOD voicemail and emails. Things remain fluid, so this may be a second ask. Please forward […]

The Fear of Too Much Justice


Join us for an evening with Stephen Bright, one of the loudest and most persuasive voices on the problems of racism and classism in our criminal justice system for over 40 years. He has tried capital cases before juries in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi, and argued cases before state and federal appellate courts, including four […]