This is HUGE news! After spending 33 years on death row, Kelvin Morris is now at home.  He maintained his innocence the whole time, and the evidence pointed away from him and toward his brother, Artie.  He was represented at trial by a lawyer who was also representing his brother Artie in a lucrative civil matter, so the trial lawyer wouldn’t introduce the evidence that pointed away from Kelvin and toward Artie.  He also did nothing to prepare for the penalty phase of the trial.  The federal courts granted both a new sentencing hearing and a new trial to Kelvin.  Rather than face another wrongful conviction in the courts of Pennsylvania, he pleaded guilty to burglary and third degree murder and was sentenced to time served and probation, even though he says he did not commit them. What would you do? And how can anyone give him back the 33 years he spent on death row?

His stellar legal team, the Federal Defenders in Philadelphia, deserves our admiration and awe for such an achievement. More on their work in a later email.

There will be more info about this case soon, but, I wanted to get this news out to you ASAP. In case it’s not glaringly obvious, we have GOT to end capital punishment in Pennsylvania and the rest of the country. Now would be an excellent time for you to show your support for that by making a donation.

Please share this great news and encourage others to donate, too. Click on the link below and help END the death penalty!

Marshall Dayan

PS: Good thing we didn’t kill him, eh?